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About Grow Gardens Cambridge

Welcome to Grow Gardens Cambridge, your go-to destination for bespoke garden design in Cambridge. With a rich legacy of over 20 years in crafting stunning outdoor spaces, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your every need.

Our team of designers and construction specialists will make your dream garden a reality. Transforming the way you use your garden from a design vision through to building it.

From fencing and patios to the construction of garden rooms and full garden makeovers, we specialise in bringing your dream garden to life.

Sam Lever

Founder & Director

Sam founded Grow Gardens back in 2004, following a desire to offer a high-quality, bespoke landscaping services to clients. At the helm of the company, his passion, commitment and drive to this ongoing mission is the foundation upon which the company is built. He divides his time between the sites and head office, and he will be your first point of contact during your initial consultations.

Vicky Lomas

Admin & Sales Manager

A key member of our team at head office and an expert in customer service, Vicky will be in contact with you regularly throughout your landscaping project. If you have any queries or concerns during the process, please do give her a call.


Richard Neil

Operations Manager

Richard’s role within Grow Gardens, is to assist with the day to day running of the sites we are working on.  He helps with logistics and procurement to ensure the projects and landscaping services run smoothly.

Richard is also our paving expert.  Many of the team are trained in laying paving but Richard is tasked with the tricky installations, as well as keeping an eye on quality control.


Colombe Flint

Garden Designer

Colombe is our in-house garden designer, and she will be the one that will guide you through your gardens design journey.  Colombe’s background is in visual design, event organizing and floristry. 


Colombe’s garden designs are always imaginative, creative and tailored to our customers needs.


Colombe also is our planting expert, and so she will be the one to help with this aspect of the garden build project.


Sales & Marketing Assistant

Emma manages all of our Sales and Marketing and will be in contact with you regularly throughout your landscaping project. If you have any queries or concerns during the process, please do give her a call.

The On the Ground team

The remaining team have a wide range of skills on hand, from carpentry and joinery through to brick work and rendering.  In order to have the right person with the right skills on each section of the project, we frequently change the make up of the crew on different sites.  Richard and Sam work together to ensure the man power is deployed to its fullest effect.


Protecting the environment and wildlife

At Grow Gardens, we prioritise environmental stewardship in our landscaping practices. We believe that garden designers play a crucial role in protecting the environment and supporting wildlife habitats. This commitment involves several key strategies, including minimising vehicle usage, accurately measuring material quantities to reduce waste, reusing materials whenever feasible, and responsibly recycling any generated waste.


Moreover, our landscaping approach extends to enhancing biodiversity. We achieve this by preserving existing plants and introducing flora that fosters wildlife, such as native hedges and pollinator-friendly flowers. Additionally, we create habitats for garden-visiting wildlife, incorporate ponds, and plant to attract beneficial invertebrates.


At Grow Gardens, we adhere to these eco-conscious practices to minimise our environmental footprint and create opportunities for wildlife in every landscaping project we undertake.


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