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Creating the perfect retirement garden

Creating the perfect garden for retirement

Any garden needs to fit its owners’ lifestyle and when your lifestyle changes, the garden should change too.

The team at Grow Gardens remodelled this medium sized garden for a recently retired couple who wanted to embrace their free time and indulge in their hobbies. 

Refresh The Garden For A New Life Stage

This lovely victorian house in Trumpington, Cambridge had a good sized garden but the clients felt it was tired. As recent retirees they were in the process of restructuring their lives and decided to take the opportunity to refresh and develop their garden.

The husband had a deep love of woodwork and wanted to build a carpentry workshop where he can work on a wide range of projects. The lady of the house loves gardening and was hoping to do a lot more of it now that her time is not taken up with work.

The overall look and feel of the decor inside the home is contemporary and modern and the clients wanted to continue that theme into the garden.

Very Poor Access

As is so common in urban gardens, access to this site was very limited. There is no driveway, so all materials and waste had to be dealt with at the roadside, with great care being taken not to disrupt the neighbours.

A lot of green waste was removed from site which made the soil quite sticky to work with. That’s no fun when all of the materials for the terracing and the garden studio had to be handballed the length of the garden.

The Perfect Retirement Garden Emerges From The Mud

Sam and his team have designed and built a fabulous garden. The carpentry workshop is ideal and built in such a way as it can be repurposed in years to come.

The seating area gives grand views across the garden and there are a myriad of opportunities to play with planting ideas as the garden develops. 

Thanks to Arbour Landscape Solutions for sharing this case study

Retirement garden