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Bespoke garden design Cambridgeshire

Five steps to create your dream garden

So, you are interested in getting a design for your garden, but are not sure how to go about it? This blog will give you an insight into what you need to think about and how we support you through the process at Grow Gardens. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Step 1: Your garden design ideas and inspiration

You garden inspiration will begin before we even visit you. This is the time to get daydreaming! Grab a coffee or a glass of something yummy, and gaze out at your garden and try to imagine how you would like to use it. Imagine a glorious summer’s day, and a crisp autumnal afternoon. Will you have friends over regularly? Do you need somewhere for kids to tear around after a ball? Are you a fan of BBQ or pizza ovens? Hot tub with a glass of bubbly? Also think of some of the practicalities, a route to the shed, somewhere to hide the compost bin, how much time you’d like to spend tending the garden. You can jot all of this down, or just leave it swimming around in your head ready to share with us.

Step 2: The initial garden design site visit

One of the team will pay you the first visit, to gather all the required information. We will listen to your ideas, likes and dislikes and how you would like to use the garden, but much more too. We’ll make sure we understand your taste, the orientation of the garden (sunny areas, damp spots… the list is endless). We will take detailed notes and conduct a full survey to make sure we have the correct dimensions, and any topographical details. This gives us all the information we need to start designing. While we are with you, we will also confirm the design costs, which will depend on the size and intricacy of the design.

Step 3: The design concept and big reveal

Using all the information we have gathered, we will create the initial design concept sketch and mood board. The concept sketch will be a to-scale hand drawn design. This will include, a 2D plan, with partial elevation sketches to explain certain portions. Alongside this, we may put together a mood board that includes examples of the materials we recommend and some examples of other gardens with similar features. We will arrange a second meeting, usually around two weeks after the initial design meeting, for our big garden design reveal. At this meeting, we will share our sketch concept and the mood board. At this point, it is helpful to have some discussion on the build budget. We will have calculated an approximate ballpark cost for the concept design. While this is not binding, it is useful to get some feedback on the estimated costs so there are no surprises on either side. We can use this feedback to help refine the specification for the final design.

Step 4: The Final Garden Design

By now we have all the information we require to create the final garden design. This is created using a computer-based 3D software program that will give you an incredible feel for the space and how it will all work together. Along with this 3D drawing, you will receive the full proposal for the work, along with any specifications and technical data for the materials involved. This information is usually sent via email, and we might accompany it with a short video explaining the design and the specification. Alongside the proposal will be a suggested start date for the work. If this date works for you, we can get the project scheduled in to start. At this stage, some clients might have a few more questions regarding the materials we plan to use. If so, we are happy to meet again to show you some samples. Any refinements to the spec, can lead to an amended final quotation.

Step 5: Confirmation and booking your dream garden start date

At this final stage we will have an agreed the design and specification. We will then re-visit the start date options if necessary. We will issue our booking deposit fee (more details via the proposal document) and the contract to sign. Once these have been received, you will be booked in and ready to go! We will keep in touch in the interim and we will keep you posted if there are any updates on our booked start date.

Garden Planting Plans

Some clients like us to carry out a planting plan. We usually complete these in the interim between booking the work and started on the landscaping project. The plan will come with a suggested planting budget. Once agreed, this will be added to the project costs.

Design your own garden

Many customers already have a good idea what they would like in their dream garden. In this instance, we are more than happy to provide a quotation for the work. We will just need to make sure we have all the right information from you.

Here is what we will require to get started:

Drawings: a sketch that is approximately to scale with a few dimensions. It can be pencil on an A4 page, or computer generated. Either way is fine as long as we are able to interpret the layout.

Specifications: What materials would you like to use for each element. Paving type? Fencing style? Decking materials? Colours? We will be happy to offer some help and advice, to assist in the decision-making process, but ultimately the creative input is all yours!

We hope this helps with your understanding of the process to create your dream garden. Please feel free to discuss it with us any time!

Call us on: 01223 948868 or email: [email protected].

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