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Garden to do list December

Learn how to look after your garden this Winter with Grow Garden's December garden to-do list.

  • Check winter protection: ensure that fleeces and other protections are secure against winter winds.
  • Prune fruit trees: prune apple and pear trees while they are dormant to promote healthy growth.
  • Take hardwood cuttings: propagate shrubs and trees by taking hardwood cuttings.
  • Harvest winter vegetables: continue to harvest vegetables such as parsnips, leeks, and winter cabbage.
  • Maintain greenhouse heaters: if you use a greenhouse, check that heaters are working properly.
  • Order seeds: plan for the next season by ordering seeds and gardening supplies.
  • Feed the birds: keep bird feeders topped up and provide fresh water.
  • Rest and plan: use the quieter winter months to rest and plan next year’s garden projects.


Caring for your garden in the winter is a strategic move towards ensuring its long-term health and aesthetic appeal. At Grow Gardens, we are ready to support you through every phase of garden maintenance.

Feeling overwhelmed by your garden upkeep? Allow our skilled team to manage it for you. We provide meticulous lawn mowing and skilful tree pruning, among other services, to maintain your garden’s beauty throughout the year.

Reach out to us for specialised winter garden maintenance services, and take the first step towards a flourishing garden in the upcoming season.

Winter Garden to do list