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Garden to-do list February

Learn how to look after your garden this February with Grow Garden's garden to-do list.

As the garden awakens in February, it’s time to prepare for spring. Here’s a condensed to-do list for gardeners:

  1. Prepare Soil for Planting:

Dig over beds, remove weeds, and enrich the soil with compost or manure.

  1. Prune Shrubs and Trees:

Prune deciduous trees and shrubs, focusing on removing any dead or damaged branches.

  1. Plant Summer-Flowering Bulbs:

Start planting bulbs like Gladioli and Lilies in well-drained, sunny spots.

  1. Chit Potatoes:

Begin ‘chitting’ early potatoes by placing them in a cool, light place to sprout.

  1. Sow Seeds Indoors:

Sow summer bedding plants and vegetables indoors or in a heated greenhouse.

  1. Feed Garden Birds:

Continue providing a variety of foods and fresh water for birds.

  1. Clean Greenhouses and Pots:

Clean your greenhouse, pots, and seed trays to prevent disease.

  1. Plan and Order:

Finalise garden plans and order seeds, plants, and supplies for the season.

These essential tasks will help set the stage for a vibrant and productive garden as the year progresses.

At Grow Gardens, we recognise the challenges of winter garden maintenance. Our experienced team is ready to support you. With services ranging from meticulous lawn mowing to professional tree pruning, we maintain your garden’s year-round beauty.

Reach out to us for tailored winter garden maintenance services in Cambridge. We’re here to prepare your garden for a flourishing spring season.

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