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January garden to do list

Learn how to look after your garden this New Year with Grow Garden's January garden to-do list.

  • Welcome the new year with a well-maintained garden. January is a crucial month for garden care, focusing on preparation and protection against the winter chill. Here’s your essential January garden to-do list, brought to you by Grow Gardens:

    1. Inspect and Maintain Winter Protection: Recheck the protections for your plants. Ensure that covers and fleeces are secure to safeguard your plants against frost.
    2. Plan Your Garden for the Year: Utilise this quieter period for planning your garden layout and selecting new plants to introduce in the upcoming seasons.
    3. Order Seeds and Summer Bulbs: Start ordering seeds and summer-flowering bulbs now. Early planning allows you to get the best selection for your garden.
    4. Prune Deciduous Trees and Shrubs: With the foliage gone, it’s easier to prune and shape these plants, setting them up for healthier growth.
    5. Organise and Maintain Garden Tools: Continue cleaning, sharpening, and organising your tools. Well-maintained tools make spring gardening more efficient.
    6. Repair Fences and Garden Structures: Check fences, trellises, and other structures for damage and make necessary repairs.
    7. Feed the Birds: Keep providing food for birds. They are vital for pest control and bring life to your winter garden.
    8. Start Indoor Sowing: Some plants require a longer growing season. Begin sowing these indoors to have them ready for planting after the frost.
    9. Turn the Compost: If accessible, turn your compost to aid decomposition, preparing it for spring use.
    10. Monitor Greenhouse Conditions: If you have a greenhouse, maintain optimal temperature and humidity to protect your plants.

    At Grow Gardens, we understand that winter garden care can be overwhelming. Our team of skilled gardeners is here to assist you. From precise lawn mowing to expert tree pruning, we ensure your garden remains a picturesque haven all year round.

    Contact us for specialised winter garden maintenance services in Cambridge. Let us help you lay the groundwork for a thriving garden in the spring.

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