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March Garden to do list

March Garden To-Do List: Preparing for Spring's Arrival

  • As March ushers in the early signs of spring, it’s a crucial time for garden enthusiasts to prepare their outdoor spaces for the upcoming growing season. Here’s a focused to-do list to ensure your garden thrives:

    1. Prune and Prepare: Early March is the perfect time to prune roses, cutting back to just above a bud to encourage robust new growth. Also, finish pruning deciduous trees and shrubs before they begin to leaf.
    2. Soil Enrichment: Enhance your garden beds by incorporating plenty of organic matter such as compost or well-rotted manure. This will improve soil structure, fertility, and drainage, creating an ideal environment for plant roots.
    3. Sow Hardy Annuals: Begin sowing hardy annuals directly into the soil. Ensure the ground is not too wet or frozen. Early sowing allows for stronger plants that will bloom earlier in the summer.
    4. Plant Summer Bulbs: It’s time to plant summer-flowering bulbs like lilies, gladiolus, and dahlias. Choose a sunny position and plant them at a depth of two to three times the height of the bulb.
    5. Lawn Care Revival: As the weather starts to warm, rake your lawn to remove any thatch and moss. Apply a high-nitrogen fertiliser to encourage healthy, green growth. If the ground is workable, consider aerating your lawn to improve drainage and root penetration.
    6. Protect New Shoots: Slugs and snails become more active and can cause significant damage to new shoots. Use environmentally friendly methods to protect your plants, such as beer traps or eggshell barriers.
    7. Prepare Vegetable Beds: Clear any remaining debris from vegetable beds and turn the soil over. Apply a general-purpose fertiliser to give crops a boost and prepare for planting early potatoes, onion sets, and peas.
    8. Support Climbers: Check and repair any supports for climbing plants like clematis, roses, and sweet peas. Installing supports early helps to manage growth and ensures your plants have the structure they need to flourish.
    9. Ventilate greenhouses: Take advantage of milder days to ventilate greenhouses and cold frames, reducing the risk of disease and encouraging strong, healthy plant growth.

    By tackling these essential tasks, you’ll set a solid foundation for your garden to burst into life as the season progresses. Remember, early preparation is key to enjoying a lush, vibrant garden in the summer months ahead.


Vibrant March Garden