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November garden to-do list

Learn how to look after your garden this Autumn with Grow Garden's November garden to-do list.

  • Plant bare-root trees and shrubs: early winter is the ideal time to plant bare-root plants while they are dormant.
  • Protect tender plants: wrap up or move tender plants to protect them from early frosts.
  • Clear fallen leaves: regularly clear leaves to prevent them from smothering grass and perennials.
  • Prune roses: cut back roses to prevent wind-rock, which can loosen roots and damage the plant.
  • Plant tulip bulbs: November is the perfect time to plant tulip bulbs for a spring display.
  • Prepare soil for next year: dig over vacant plots and incorporate compost or manure to enrich the soil.
  • Clean and sharpen tools: take the time to clean, sharpen, and oil your gardening tools.
  • Install bird feeders: help wildlife by setting up bird feeders as food becomes scarce.
Winter garden care - Autumn leaves