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Grow Gardens: Award-Winning Landscaping Company

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that the Grow Gardens team has been honoured with a prestigious award, recognising their exceptional efforts and commitment to delivering high-quality landscaping projects. Grow Gardens has been named the “Landscaping Company of the Year 22/23” by the Central England Prestige Awards.

About the Prestige Awards:

Traditionally, small and independent businesses have been overlooked by international award programs, which tend to focus on larger corporations. However, Corporate LiveWire recognised the significance of these local enterprises and launched the Prestige Awards. This platform aims to celebrate businesses and individuals who consistently provide outstanding products and services to their local communities, including residents, ex-pats, and tourists.

Extensive research conducted by the Prestige Awards team has identified cities and regions worldwide with thriving SME communities and vibrant independent scenes. These small businesses form the backbone of any economy and often reflect the unique characteristics of their respective cities or regions. 

Osmaan Mahmood, Founder and CEO of Prestige Awards, emphasised that “although small businesses may not match the scale of multinational corporations, they excel in personalised, service-driven focus—a quality often absent in larger organisations.”

The nomination process involves inviting Prestige readers to nominate businesses that have demonstrated excellence in their respective markets over the past year. Shortlisted companies are then asked to provide evidence of their work, positive client feedback, information on previous accreditations and recognition, and highlight the most exceptional aspects of their businesses.

The judging panel evaluates the nominees based on criteria such as service excellence, product/service quality, innovation, value, ethical practices, sustainability, and consistency in performance. The winners are selected based on their ability to showcase strengths in these areas. All award recipients are featured in a celebratory awards magazine, available in both digital and print formats, reaching Prestige subscribers.

What does this achievement mean for Grow Gardens?

In essence, this recognition signifies the team’s well-deserved acknowledgment for their dedication and hard work. The individuals at Grow Gardens go above and beyond, bringing people’s dream gardens to life with stunning and enduring designs. This award sets us apart from ordinary landscaping companies, positioning Grow Gardens as a top-quality organisation dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

We are incredibly proud of our team’s accomplishments and grateful for the support of our clients and community. As an award-winning landscaping company, Grow Gardens is committed to continuing our legacy of excellence, creating beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces for our valued clients.

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