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How much will it cost to create a dream garden?

The cost of having your garden designed and built can vary greatly.  This blog will help you understand the costs involved and will help you to set a realistic budget to create a dream garden. 

Garden design to create a dream garden 

The first step in any garden landscaping project is to get the design right. This can range from a lengthy process, for an intricate design over many acres, or a few weeks for a normal domestic garden.  We recommend getting a professional garden design as an experienced garden designer is likely to think of some factors that you might not have. As well as considering the basic practicalities such as a path to the shed, a garden designer will also consider the aesthetically pleasing features that will draw you outside.

For a medium-sized domestic garden design (without too many intricate features or complicated levels), you might expect to pay in the region of £1,500 for a good initial garden design.

Hard landscaping services

This is perhaps the most complicated aspect of your garden to cost. Materials, access, size and current conditions can all effect the quote.  An average project for Grow Gardens (in size and complexity) would usually consist of the following: a new patio or deck (of a size proportionate to the garden), a new lawn, beds prepared and perhaps a feature such as a pergola or raised beds. We might also need to replacement an old fence.

This type of project typically starts at around £20-£25k (for an average sized garden) with decent access, using quality but not lavish materials. If the garden were larger, or the materials chosen were higher end, then you might be looking at nearer £50k. More extensive gardens with driveways, raised patios and steps might commonly cost over £100k.

Garden planting

The garden planting budget depends on timescales and how quickly you would you like your garden to look established. Plants will grow to fill out a bed, but if you would like it to look mature from the outset, the cost will be higher. Mature trees and shrubs will also effect the cost.

Grow Gardens generally suggest a budget of around £100 per m2 of the bed, as a middle-of-the-road planting budget.  A little more if you would like to add in some trees.


We hope this information helps you understand some of the cost implications to create a dream garden. Over the last 12 months for an regular sized garden, our average build is in the region of £25k, plus the garden design cost and in most cases a further £5k for the planting.

We also discuss budget and vision with our new customers from the outset, so that we can set realistic expectations on both sides.

At Grow Gardens we are experts at managing the design process for you, and keeping you fully informed along the way so there are no nasty surprises at the end!

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