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Garden design Cambridge-How to plan a garden

How to Plan Your Dream Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide

Stage 1: Daydreaming – Plan a Dream Garden
Take a moment to relax in your garden and let your imagination run wild. Visualise how you would like to use the space. Whether it’s hosting BBQs with family, creating a football pitch for the kids, or entertaining friends, let your dreams guide your vision. Use online platforms like Pinterest for inspiration, keeping in mind that the most beautiful gardens may not always be the most practical. Consider your preferences for shapes, whether you lean towards straight lines, curves, or angles. Also, think about the materials you prefer, such as natural or man-made. Take notes if it helps, and let your imagination soar.

Stage 2: Scale Drawing – Plan a Dream Garden
Grab a couple of tape measures and accurately measure the boundaries of your garden. Pay close attention to angles, as fences may not always be perpendicular to the house. Consider using a datum line down the center of the garden to ensure accuracy. Get an A3 graph pad and draw out the boundaries, double-checking that it reflects the actual layout of your garden.

Stage 3: Details – Plan a Dream Garden
Mark the immovable objects on your scale drawing, such as large trees, drain covers, and services. Take precise measurements of their positions and accurately place them on your drawing.

Stage 4: Topographics – Plan a Dream Garden
Consider the topography of your garden, taking note of any slopes or level areas. Assess whether there is a need for a retaining wall. Proper rainwater management planning is crucial, so identify areas where water may accumulate and plan accordingly. Mark the levels on your drawing, and if it helps, use overlay tracing paper for clarity.

Stage 5: Experiment – Plan a Dream Garden
Refer to your daydreaming notes and start sketching some ideas onto your drawing. Play around with the size of your patio, experiment with the placement of your BBQ, and consider practical elements like access to the shed. Keep in mind that designs may look different on paper than in reality. Take your concepts outside and use a hose or ropes to outline the design on the ground. This will give you a better sense of the actual space.

Stage 6: Final Drawing and Specification – Plan a Dream Garden
Create a final drawing that is to scale, as this will be the plan you hand over to your landscaper. Ensure that it accurately represents your vision for the dream garden. Additionally, work on creating a specification that includes the materials you have chosen. Visit suppliers in person to see and select the materials you desire. Provide a detailed list of these materials to your landscaper for reference.

Congratulations, you’re ready to bring your dream garden to life! With a well-planned design and a clear specification, you can now proceed with confidence and excitement.

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