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Landscaping services Cambridge, Huntingdon and Newmarket

We offer a full range of landscaping services to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for a stylish paved area for outdoor dining and socialising, sturdy new fencing for added privacy and peace of mind, or fresh turf to revive a tired lawn, we have it covered.

With an emphasis on quality of design and finish, we are able to apply the full spectrum of construction techniques and horticultural expertise to create the perfect outdoor space.

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Protecting the environment and wildlife

We believe garden designers have a responsibility to protect the environment and wildlife while landscaping. This includes minimising vehicle journeys, accurately calculating material quantities to avoid waste, reusing materials on-site whenever possible, and recycling waste responsibly.

Landscapers can also increase biodiversity by preserving existing plants and adding flora that benefits wildlife, such as native hedges and pollinator-friendly flowers. Creating habitats for garden-visiting wildlife, incorporating ponds, and planting for invertebrates further enhance biodiversity.

Grow Gardens follows these practices, aiming to minimise their environmental impact and provide opportunities for wildlife through responsible landscaping.

Read more on our blog: How can garden designers responsibly protect the environment and our wildlife while landscaping?

Garden Landscaping Services - Cambridgeshire

Garden Landscaping services Cambridge

Our garden landscaping services

Garden landscaping can transform outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional, and harmonious environments.

Landscaping encompasses a wide range of features, including plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, hardscapes, water features, lighting, and more.

Whether you have a small garden or a sprawling estate, Grow Gardens can help enhance the overall appeal, functionality, and value of a property while providing a tranquil and relaxing outdoor retreat.

Our landscaping services include everything you would need for a total garden makeover or a simple tidy up.

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Really pleased with the end result. We had a small garden that we couldn't really use due to the poor developers design but now we have a new patio and lovely decking which means we can sit in the sun and enjoy it! Sam and the Grow Gardens team were brilliant. The job was completed in good time and the quality of work is excellent. The team are responsive and helpful, answered all questions we had, and they always checked before any changes took place . I would 100% recommend and will use them again for future changes!
Holly Ball
Happy customer
The work undertaken by Grow Gardens was excellent in every respect. The design took in every aspect of our small plot and turned it into a truly magical space - one that appears much larger than it actually is, while also being easy to maintain. The build materials were all of a very high standard and were chosen not only for their appearance and sturdiness, but also for their 'green' merits. Every stage of the process went smoothly, was accomplished on schedule and - a big 'plus' for us - came in nicely on budget.
Jennifer Menten
happy customer