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Spring gardening

Your May Garden Maintenance Checklist

As the vibrant colours of spring blossom around us, it’s essential to ensure our gardens are primed for the season ahead. With May marking the transition to warmer weather, now is the perfect time to embark on your spring garden maintenance routine. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline the essential tasks to tackle in your garden this May to ensure its health, beauty, and vitality throughout the season.

  1. Lawn Care:
    • Mowing: Adjust mower height and mow regularly to maintain an optimal lawn height.
    • Fertilising: Apply a slow-release fertiliser to promote healthy growth and lush greenery.
    • Weed Control: Keep weeds at bay by regular removal or using organic weed control methods.
  2. Flower Bed Maintenance:
    • Pruning: Trim dead flowers and prune overgrown branches to encourage new growth.
    • Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and enhance soil health.
    • Watering: Ensure flowerbeds receive adequate water, especially during dry spells.
  3. Vegetable Garden Prep:
    • Planting: Sow warm-season vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.
    • Pest Control: Monitor for pests and implement preventative measures like companion planting or organic pest repellents.
    • Support Structures: Install trellises or stakes for vining vegetables like peas and beans.
  4. Tree and Shrub Care:
    • Inspection: Check trees and shrubs for signs of disease, pests, or damage.
    • Pruning: Remove dead or diseased branches and shape shrubs for optimal growth.
    • Watering: Deeply water newly planted trees and shrubs to establish healthy root systems.
  5. General Maintenance:
    • Tool Maintenance: Clean and sharpen gardening tools to ensure efficiency and longevity.
    • Irrigation System Check: Inspect irrigation systems for leaks, clogs, or damaged components.
    • Soil Testing: Conduct soil tests to assess nutrient levels and pH, and amend soil as necessary.


By following this May garden maintenance checklist, you’ll set the stage for a flourishing garden throughout the spring and into the summer months. Remember, a little effort now will yield bountiful rewards in the form of vibrant blooms, healthy harvests, and an inviting outdoor space for relaxation and enjoyment. 

If you are looking to transform your garden, or need help maintaining it get in touch with Grow Gardens today!

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