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What you need to know about a garden studio

We’ve all heard the term ‘garden studio’ or ‘garden room’, but what makes them different to a normal shed, and why might you need one?

Garden room structure

All our garden studios are bespoke. We design and build from scratch to suit your personal garden needs. This means we can tailor the garden room not only to fit the outside garden space but also to ensure the interior of the room works for you.

The build of our garden rooms is more akin to a house than a shed.  We use pressure treated timber for the studwork frame, full insulation, vapour barriers, air gaps, solid or suspended floors, EPDM rubber roofing, and double glazing (the list goes on). The result is that the garden studio is warm and comfortable. Nothing like a thin, flimsy, and chilly shed!

What can I do with my garden studio?

Anything you like! Aside from a permanent bedroom (read more in the planning information below), your garden studio can be used for anything you desire. We have built garden rooms including: a model railway room, knitting room, gym, office, woodwork workshop, hang out room for the teenagers, music room and plenty of general overflows from the house. Literally anything you can think of!

What are the options for building the garden studio?

As Grow Gardens build our garden rooms from scratch, the options are almost infinite. We start with getting the shell right: the right size and location, windows and doors in the right place, cladding that not only looks nice but also fits in with the garden. We then move on to internal walls, plastered, painted, timber/tongue and groove. Then ensure all the services are set up correctly: electrical outlets, plumbing (we can even include a bathroom!), data, WIFI… Next is accessories, aircon, lighting, sound insulation, perhaps a green roof. Finally, it’s the outside space: new path leading to the studio, a deck in front to extend the space, replacing the fences behind and so on.

Do I need planning permission for a garden studio?

Very rarely! As long as, the garden studio is behind the front elevation of the house, under a certain size proportionate to the house and not too tall near the boundary, then no permission is required.  If you need to use it as another bedroom (and it will be in constant use), then permission may be required. We can guide you through this, and in the rare cases where planning is required, we can take care of that for you.

How do we go about getting you to build a garden studio for us?

The first step is to get in touch! We will then pay you a visit to discuss the project.  We can produce a design and a quote for the work based on all of the info we gather at this meeting.  If you are happy with the design and would like to proceed, then we get you booked in and get it in the diary!

Call us on: 01223 948868 or email: [email protected].

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